The school has well qualied core faculty with knowledge of latest methods of teaching and psychological understanding of behaviour of children. They are sent to attend various in-service programmes to enrich their vision & evolve the best methodology of teaching and tools for holistic development. They are also trained in latest trends by various in-service programmes organised by CBSE and DAV Centre of Academic Excellence. The academic accolades won by the students in board exams, year after year, stand witness to the fact that no efforts are spared and no stones left unturned at DAV to identify, nurture and nourish the students' potential. An extremely efcient, industrious and able staff churns out numerous scholars every year who make us feel proud by their scholastic achievements by getting admission in various prestigious engineering, medical & other professional colleges in India and abroad.
Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Post Qualification Male/Female Nature of Service
1 Mrs. Sunita Madaan Principal M.A(Eng.), B.Ed F Regular
2 Mrs Sunaina PGT-Eco. M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed F Regular
3 Mrs. Mamta Sethi PGT-Eng. M.A.(Eng.) , M.Sc , B.Ed F Regular
4 Mrs. Renuka  PGT-Bus.Stu. M.Com. , B.Ed F Regular
5 Mrs.Seema Gera  PGT-Maths M.Sc.(Maths) , B.Ed F Regular
6 Mr. Tarun kumar PGT-Chemistry M.Sc(Chemistry) , B.Ed M Regular
7 Mrs Anju Pasrija TGT M.A. , B.Ed F Regular
8 Mrs Kulvinder Kaur TGT M.A. , B.Ed F Regular
9 Mrs. Bhawna choudhary TGT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
10 Mrs. Vinita Kumari TGT M.A , B.Ed , M.Phil F Regular
11 Mrs.Asha Munjal  TGT M.A. , B.Ed F Regular
12 Mrs.Sujata Suthore TGT M.A. , B.Ed F Regular
13 Mrs.Suman Chawla  TGT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
14 Mr. Anil Raina TGT M.Sc , B.Ed M Regular
15 Mr. Mohit kumar TGT M.Sc , B.Ed M Regular
16 Mr. Ram Singh  TGT M.Sc , M.A , B.Ed M Regular
17 Mr.Naresh Kumar  PGT-Maths M.A , B.Ed M Regular
18 Mr.Vinod Kumar  TGT M.A , B.Ed M Regular
19 Mr.Shaifali TGT M.Sc , B.Ed F Regular
20 Mrs Anju Khurana TGT M.Sc., B.Ed. F Regular
21 Mrs Minakshi TGT M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed. F Regular
22 Mrs Poonam PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
23 Mrs Raj Rani TGT M.A.(Punjabi)B.Ed. F Regular
24 Mrs Ranju TGT B.A., BEd F Regular
25 Mrs Seema Mehta PRT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
26 Mrs Vijay Gakhar PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
27 Mrs. Bindu PRT M.A , M.Ed F Regular
28 Mrs. Mamta Setia PRT B.Com , B.Ed , M.A F Regular
29 Mrs. Neelu Gera PRT B.Sc., M.B.A , M.Ed F Regular
30 Mrs. Pooja Verma PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
31 Mrs. Shashi Bala PRT B.Sc , B.Ed F Regular
32 Mrs. Sunita Rani Kajal PRT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
33 Mrs. Usha Chhabra PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
34 Mrs.Anjana  Sharma PRT B.Com , M.Ed , Prabhakar F Regular
35 Mrs.ChanderKala PRT M.A.,(Hindi),B.Ed. F Regular
36 Mrs.Kavita Dhamija  PRT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
37 Mrs.Kiran  TGT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
38 Mrs.Meena Ahuja  PRT B.A., B.Ed.  F Regular
39 Mrs.Monika  PRT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
40 Mrs.Parveen  PRT B.Sc , M.Ed F Regular
41 Mrs. Anju Bala PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
42 Mrs.Sapna Munjal  PRT M.A , B.Ed F Regular
43 Mrs.Sunita Rani  PRT M.Sc , B.Ed F Regular
44 Mrs.Upma Makkar PRT B.A , B.Ed F Regular
45 Mrs.Veena Rani  PRT M.A , B.Ed , Prabhakar F Regular
46 Ms. Manisha Rani PRT M.Sc. , B.Ed F Regular
47 Ms. Reena Rani PRT M.A., B.Ed F Regular
48 Mr. Sukhdeep Singh  PRT M.Sc , B.Ed M Regular
49 Mr. Udish Kumar Activity Teacher M.A.(Fine Arts) M Regular
50 Mr. Madhukar Sharma Physical Education Teacher M.P.Ed , M.Phil M Regular
51 Mr. Anil Kumar Art & Craft Tr. B.A , PGDCA , Diploma A& C M Regular
52 Mr. Ravi Sandeep  TGT M.A , Diploma A & C M Regular
53 Mrs.Vinay Raheja Computer Tr. B.A , PGDCA F Regular
54 Ms.Neelam Batra  TGT M.A , MCA , B.Ed F Regular
55 Mr. Naveen Kumar  Computer Tr. M.Sc , MCA M Regular
56 Mrs. Prerna Counsellor M.Sc , MBA F Regular
57 Mr.Satish Kumar Arya  Dharam Shikshak Shastri , Dharam Matarnd M Regular
58 Mr.Ashwani Sharma Music Tr. M.A , M.Phil , Ph.d, B.Ed M Regular
59 Mr.Mukesh Rahi  Music Tr. 10+2,Dip in Music M Regular
60 Mr Pankaj Kumar PGT-Comm. M.Com., B.Ed., MBA M Regular
61 Mr Ajay Kumar TGT M.Sc., B.Ed. M Regular
62 Mrs Suman Chahal PRT M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil F Regular
63 Mr Mohit   PGT-Physics M.Sc. B.Ed M Contractual
64 Mrs Saroj Bana  PGT-English M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed F Contractual
65 Mrs Meenu  TGT-Hindi M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed, M.Phil.(Hindi) F Contractual
66 Mrs Veena Rani TGT-English M.A.(English),  M.Ed. F Contractual
67 Mrs Pallvi Mehta  TGT-Social Science M.Com.,  B.Ed, MBA F Contractual
68 Ms Rashim  PRT M.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed.  F Contractual
69 Mrs Neha Rani  PRT M.A.(English),  D.Ed,  B.Ed F Contractual
70 Ms Komal  PRT M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed. F Contractual
71 Ms Manvi  PRT B.A., B.Ed. F Contractual
72 Mrs Garima Rani  PRT M.A.(Hindi),  M.Ed. F Contractual
73 Ms Ishani Wadhwa  PRT M.Sc., B.Ed. F Contractual
74 Mrs Ramandeep Kaur  PRT M.A.(Punjabi) ,  B.Ed. F Contractual
75 Mr Vijay Kumar  PTI B.A., B.Ed, M.P.Ed, M.Phil M Contractual
76 Mr Harjeet Singh  PTI B.P.E., B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed. M Contractual
77 Mr Rahul Kumar  PRT-Com. Science B.Tech.(IT) M Contractual
78 Mrs Sakshi Manocha PRT M.A., B.Ed F Contractual
79 Ms Saru Sardana PGT-Comm. M.Com., MBA F Adhoc


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