The school is a senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Our academic planning and programmers are designed keeping in view the new education policy. The syllabus prescribed is the one recommended by NCERT, New Delhi. The medium of instruction is English but equal stress is laid on Hindi & Sanskrit. The classroom in our school is no longer a dull place with a monotonous routine in which the child is at the receiving end, the teacher at the giving end. On the other hand the classroom vibrates with vigour and vitality where the teacher employs activity oriented methods and makes use of the other audio-visual aids like Tape-recorder, TV, VCR, LCD Projector and Computer etc. for enhancing the knowledge of the students.


The school has a well-stocked library with more than 12000 books including the text-books, encyclopedias, reference material, literature, audio & video cassettes as
well as CDs. The library is continuously updated to expose the students to modern trends and concepts of education. Besides the books, the library also subscribes to journals and magazines. It is also equipped with latest editions of publication, handbooks on various subjects, encyclopedia and e-library.

Computer Lab
The school provides the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all the students and staff and the training needs of information technology related courses. The school is equipped with 2 Labs with more than 50 computers. All the systems are equipped with necessary software and latest configuration. An Internet connection assets the students in their continuous search for knowledge through the Wi-fi Broad Band connectivity.



First-Aid Room & Other Facilities

The school has a Medical Room for students in case of any emergency. Besides this, their health and fitness is annually checked by medical experts. To provide hygienic conditions to students, many water-coolers with Aqua Guards have been made available in the school premises that provide filtered water. To provide continuous supply of electricity, generators have been provided. Hot Case facility has been provided in class rooms to provide warm food.



Science Laboratories

To ensure an ambience for innovative & creative pedagogy, the theory classes are supplemented with practical knowledge. The school possesses the most advanced Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs equipped with necessary apparatus and infrastructure to facilitate the students to learn through experiments and activities.




Modern Methods of Teaching

We realise that the field of education is going through a total metamorphosis and life today has undergone a radical change. We follow the innovative methods instead of traditional methods of teaching. Most of teaching is done by the method of learning by doing. Play-way methods are adopted in pre-primary and in middle classes, audio-visual aids and other transitional methods are adopted. Teachers are sent for attending various seminars and orientation programmes. The introduction of smart classes has brought a complete transformation in classrooms. It has not only brought abstract and difficult curriculum concepts live inside the classrooms but has also made learning an exuberant experience for students.


Music and Dance Room

The school realises the aesthetic sensibilities amongst students and therefore, to cater to it, the school has a 'Music and Dance Room' so that the students can pursue their hobbies in myriad fields such as music and dance. In tune with the objective of all round development of students, the school also encourages various sporting and physical  development activities amongst students.




The school has the privilege of getting good ranks in Athletics among all CBSE affiliated schools in Haryana and school is an achiever of first position in Table Tennis and Soft Ball Tournament at State level. The students are selected to represent at National Level in various games every year. The students enjoy facilities for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Softball, Football, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Skating, Chess, Carom, Athletics and many more.




The school facilitates a 'Canteen' to refresh the students with various kinds of eatables. It provides healthy & hygienic eatables during recess period.


Art and Craft Room

The school has a separate 'Art Room' where creativity of students is nurtured with necessary accouterments to sensitize their aesthetic qualities.


Spiritual Lab

The school has a beautiful 'Yagyashala' where students perform 'Hawan' daily. It is a spiritual lab where the essence of vedic culture and values is inculcated in them.


'Nature is the best Teacher, keeping this in mind we organise educational trips for students. This helps to create a harmony between nature and education and provides them a beautiful change from routine life. Mathematics Lab A well equipped mathematics laboratory is the source of attraction for young mathematicians. The students learn practical skills in an interesting manner. 

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